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  1. Submitted By: NormSubmitted On: Today, 10:40 AMSubmitted In: Common Technical Issues / SolutionsClick here to go to tutorial Quote Thought I would update this thread with the work ive done on the car over the last few days .... Note, this is a "hand" process, and does not involve the use of any machinery!! After failing to find someone to properly detail the car, I decided to do something with it myself. After A LOT of research and looking at the literally 100's of products on the market, I had to make a desicion. The process seemed easy enough, it was finding the products for each step that was the issue!! So heres what I did and what I used .... please remember, I have no frame of reference here and no doubt everyone will recommend different products, but im very pleased with the results .... the car easily looks better than its ever looked since I got it, and probably since it was new!! Wash .... 1. Wet car using hose and then covered it with Meguiars Hyperwash using a Gilmour Foamaster II foam gun. (dont have a decent pressure washer .... yet!!) Update : Now have a Karcher K5.70 powerwasher and an Autobrite Foam Lance .... far superior job to the Gilmour!! 2. Washed car using two bucket method, Blackfire Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner and Lambswool Wash Mitt. 3. Thoroughly rinsed car and then dried it using a Poorboys Luxury Drying Towel. Decontamination .... 4. Sprayed one panel at a time with Autosmart Tardis Tar & Glue Remover, rubbbed it over with a microfibre cloth and then thoroughly rinsed it. 5. Thoroughly rinsed car after every panel was done. 6. Clay barred the whole car with Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft .... I had soft and medium but given this was the first time I had tried this process, I decided to play it safe. The results were amazing. This clay can be used with water as a lubricant .... so easy to use. 7. Rinsed the car once more and then dried it. Polish .... 8. Firstly I used Menzerna 203S cutting polish along with a Lake Country Light Cut Hand Pad to try and remove some of the swirls, scratches and hologramming. This was then buffed off using a Poorboys Thick & Plush Towel. 9. Next, I used Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze polish applied with a Lake Country Polishing Hand Pad to try and infill any remaining swirls, scratches etc. This was also buffed off (after 15 minutes) using a Poorboys Thick & Plush Towel. 10. Next the whole car was then sealed using Poorboys EX-P Sealant, applied using a damp Meguiars Microfibre Applicator Pad and buffed off (after 30 minutes) using a Poorboys Deluxe mega Towel. 11. Finally, the whole car was waxed using Blackfire Midnight Sun Paste Wax, applied using a Blackfire Ultimate Applicator Pad and buffed off, again using a Poorboys Deluxe Mega Towel. Couldnt resist it, but I also bought this to keep everything in, just a shame it wasnt orange and black!! My thoughts .... Fairly easy process to be honest, if quite time consuming!! I couldnt believe how smooth the car felt after the claybar process. The back of the boot lid, rear bumper and bottom of the doors especially. Was a little concerned after I dried the car and got it into the light in the garage and realised there was some minor "marring" of the paintwork. Shouldnt have worried though. This made the whole polishing process so much easier. The Menzerna is a medium cut polish that really should be applied by machine, but can be used by hand. While it has not removed all the swirls and scratches (although a few attempts at each panel might have done the job, but I might have ended up doing more damage than good??) the results were amazing. It has toned down a lot of the scratches, and removed a lot of the swirls. They are really not noticeable in anything other than very bright light. Best thing is, there is no hologramming on the car whatsoever now, which I am sooo happy about, having been responsible for this in the first place after some over enthusiastic hand polishing with a cloth. The Black Hole Show Glaze really brings the car up well, and is designed to be used on dark metallics. I could have left it at this to be honest. The EX-P Sealant, like the Show Glaze, is dead easy to apply, far easier than the Menzerna. Only time will tell whether its sealing properties work. Finally, the Blackfire Midnight Sun wax is also dead easy to apply using the applicator pad, and really adds a deep shine to the car. Would be very easy to add various coats of this to the car, time permitting. Wasnt cheap, but worth it I think!! The car, in the sun, looks so dark and shiny compared to the dull, almost grey look before!! Again, only time will tell if this will last, given that I dont plan on doing this whole process more than twice a year .... including the interior, this has taken 5 days!! I havent got any piccies as yet, but as im going to Rally Day, I thought I would wait!! Should also add, a HUGE thumbs up to both Polished Bliss and Perfectly Cleaned .... service from both has been fantastic. Ive ordered from Polished Bliss in the past .... this order was placed on Tuesday night at 10pm and arrived Thursday morning. The Perfectly Cleaned order was placed at the same time and arrived Monday morning. The advice on the polished Bliss website is amazing, and has helped a lot. Well worth a look.
  2. http://rb5oc.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9891&hl=
  3. Yeah, very much missed .... but never forgotten!
  4. We drove through Golspie between Inverness and JoG .... a small village on the route .... full of tourists and weekend shoppers! The main street full of Subaru's, everyone watching, and I got a belter of a pop (more a bang really) from the exhaust at 30mph in 3rd!! .... excellent!!
  5. I was and I wasnt in a way Simon .... I think im going to have to get a new lambda sensor soon as it looks like mines is playing up! .... but if it is, I want it right away!
  6. .... possibly on lambda sensors as well!!
  7. Are they not a b*gger to get off and on the car though?? .... certainly look it!!
  8. Leads AFAIK are original .... plugs were changed last August!
  9. I havent got one .... definitely not that!!
  10. Didnt even have to "edit" this time .... not the first time ive screwed my eyes up and sat mm's from the screen to see something!!
  11. .... you little monkey!! Were they carbon fibre??
  12. Just to add .... the car did the trip absolutely no problem and was actually quite surprising at times. The trip from Inverness to JoG was a good quality, but winding road .... thats the first time ive really pushed the car with the new tyres and wheels and would have to say, the car handled brilliantly .... was quite easily losing the heavily modded new age WRX behind me both in the twisties and the straights .... brilliant fun!! BUT couple or three problems appeared .... Ive developed a metallic vibration noise (just a noise) in the engine somewhere when under acceleration .... really heard it on the way back down cause the bung was in! Also, got a sqeak, sqeak, sqeak noise from the back brakes at low speeds after a longish drive .... hubs were quite warm by the time we got home! Finally, a few times after a bit of a run at speed, if I lifted off as we had caught cars up and then reapplied the gas at a lower speed, the car would hesitate and "jerk" for a couple fo seconds .... seemed reluctant to build up speed again, and then would suddenly clear and off we went .... did this a few times, and in 3rd, 4th and 5th! Any ideas??
  13. Ditto what everyone else said .... GREAT DAY!! Very tiring though .... 640 mile round journey for us .... the trip down we did with one petrol stop and one toilet stop .... about 20mins in total in a 6 hour drive .... was shattered last night!! Ive got some piccies which i'll get sorted out and post later! Myself and Martyn were the only people who stayed at JoG .... everyone else left! But we had a brilliant time and a great laugh .... Martyn, was a pleasure to meet you and Nicola, and look forward to meeting up again sometime!!
  14. That would be the ultimate Prodrive add on for Si (RB5314)!!
  15. PS like the t-shirt Martyn!!