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  1. And another
  2. Thought I would add another great photo
  3. I'd prefer to do that! What is the best format to put these in?
  4. Thats my iPad wallpaper already, got a few more that i should post and..... I have recently been recovering WRC footage from VHS tapes i have and converting the contents onto my PC as mpegs or creating DVDs. Some of the stuff i have done recently has been 2003, (Channel 4 coverage) There is quite a bit of footage of Richard, i was watching part of the Cyprus Rally where he did a feature on his pacenote content. I dont think any of this is on youtube, but i was wondering if i should think about loading it up. Does anyone know where i would stand with doing that (Dont want to get into trouble with C4)
  5. Just thought i'd make a post here as its been 3 years since we lost Richard. Cant believe its gone so quick! RIP Richard
  6. R.I.P Richard you are missed so much.
  7. looked like a great day. Has anyone managed to listen to the service on WRC.com? Im still having trouble accessing it. Where/When will the Robert Reid signed items be auctioned? ebay?
  8. For all that missed the service. WRC.com have created a tribute programme online. I couldnt listen as i am at work but they say they will put a replayed version up soon that can be accessed anytime. WRC.com
  9. Just out of intrest as it's been a while since this started, what is the total number of sticker sales and money made to date? thanks for the speedy delivery on the stickers iv'e put one on either side under the indicator. D6
  10. i would love to go to this but it's quite a way from manchester to travel to. i agree a track meet up might be a better idea, however if anyone is heading to this from the manchester area looking for a shotgun let me know.
  11. Fantastic achievement guys ! Again Well done
  12. Iv'e ordered 4 silver!
  13. I agree, the sticker idea is a great one. The more people in the Subaru/Richard Burns community who buy one the better! out of the two above i prefer the union jack version.
  14. On the WRC website Link there are details that Richard's family will have their own private funeral. A memorial service will be held at a later date. this should be the time to get all the RB5's together i think.
  15. RIP Richard. Fantastic guy, Fantastic driver, World champion. D6