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    PPP upgrade, Heat wrapped exhaust manifolds, Slotted performance discs and pads, boost,oil temp, water temp, oil pressure and fuel/ air gauges.

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  1. :0 oh happy days are here again lah lah lah lah lah lah lah

  2. a boy in a mans body! wow thats what you had for your birthday, age reversal.

    Many happy returns :)

  3. T47 JOP

    Hi cookie Just bought EVO Mag 011 which your old Car was the star of. it was interesting to read , Only because I was lucky enough to let the EVO team use RB5 444 for issue 101 of which it had great reviews. John Haymen commented that driving my RB5 took him back to the original test and he stated that even after 7 years the RB5 feels as good to drive now as he remembers back then. what was your recall of that event? regards Chris
  4. T** JOP

    The speed this forum moves at we'll forgive you... Plus, I didn't really think about going to buy a copy, until you mentioned it. Actually, I'm broke enough! i'll post you my copy as soon as ive finished reading it and cut out the pics
  5. T** JOP

    Goddamn that teach me to read other posts . In my excitement I posted in the club section before reading the rest of the forum yep it looks like this section might be a prelude to next months 101st
  6. ramsey and potters bridge

    havent a clue sounds like a south east location?????/
  7. somebody from scooby net saw you on the 26th http://bbs.scoobynet.com/you-9/554060-rb5.htm spotted a RB5 about 5pm ish between ramsey and ponders bridge
  8. RB5 Gloucester towards bristol

    thought it was could hear the exaust note first before you flashed past me
  9. think it was you John going like stink up the dual carraige way towards Bristol (just past the cole ave lights ) sounded nice at full chat
  10. spotted 256 T694 LGO

    I'm getting close narrowed it down to 1/2 mile block have we got a RB5 owners club flyer? That I could put my number on it
  11. spotted 256 T694 LGO

    good to meet the owner at last he's had it a few months now and is pleased as punch. Really miffed he'd missed out on the last two big outings; told him to get in the forum and meet the gang Hey John that's three confirmed now in Glos just need to track down the blonde in the other one
  12. Gloucester - Halfrauds

    yep well spotted hey i passed that rb5 with the blonde driving it on the Shurdington rd ( she waved and smiled ) goddamn gotta track that one down and give her one of our leaflets
  13. RB256 in Gloucester

    spotted 256 ( T694 LGO) parked in autoglass today. talked to person who was working on it for MOT and replacing drivers electric window mech. Said it belonged to friend Darren. left tel number with him asking owner to get in contact. time will tell? here is link to pics
  14. Gloucester Sat morn

    OK bit of investigative work needed
  15. Gloucester Sat morn

    RB5 driven by a young lady didnt get build number but reg was S800BYK looked tidy with a large bore exaust